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Koot Marais FPSSA APSSA (Vers) has been actively involved in photography for over 30 years and holds four Associateships and a Fellowship from the Photographic Society of South Africa.

Although he does commercial work by undertaking specific projects upon appointment, he enjoys the freedom of taking various types of photographs on a non-commercial basis.

His photographs have been published in a variety of publications and he has won numerous awards, including the Photographic Society of South Africa's National Impala Trophy and Mono League Competitions, for the 3rd consecutive year in June 2014.

Koot regularly lectures at photography congresses and at academic and other institutions.

He is an experienced national and international photography judge.

He has recently taken up the art of painting with oil on canvas, using only a palette knife as a technique to obtain a more impressionistic style. He has, of course, a very large library of photos to use as inspiration for his paintings